On April 11th at the Triennale di Milano the Freedom Room meeting/conference took place, a discussion on the project, its scenario and its future developments.


Aldo Bonomi, sociologist,
Aldo Cibic designer, Cibicworkshop,
Marco Tortoioli Ricci, designer, Comodo,
Thomas Bialas, futurologist, Comodo,
Joost Beundemann, author of Compendium to the Civic Economy
Lucia Castellano, former director of the Bollate Prison
Francesco Bellosi, cooperative director the Seagull
Luisa Della Morte, Seal program director of the Ministry of Justice
Andrea Margaritelli, marketing director, Margaritelli Spa,
Michelangelo Patron, general director, Cfmt Milan.
Tommaso CorĂ , designer, Cibicworkshop


Freedom Room,
from the prison laboratory
to the Milan Triennale.
Brief history and origin of a project. Introduction by Marco Tortoioli Ricci

The social dimension
of the project (design).
Two-voice dialogue
between Aldo Cibic and Aldo Bonomi.

From the freedom to own
to the freedom to live.
Two-voice dialogue
between Thomas Bialas and Joost Beundemann

Freely produced,
short testimonies from the world of prison.
Lucia Castellano
Francesco Bellosi
Luisa Della Morte

Freedom economy.
New business strategies in a changing market.
Andrea Margaritelli
Michelangelo Patron

Aldo Cibic
Marco Tortoioli Ricci
Tommaso CorĂ