Cibicworkshop is the research center founded by Aldo Cibic. A group of young designers and architects, coordinated by Aldo Cibic, Chuck Felton, Aria Behbehani and Tommaso CorĂ , work on interdisciplinary projects ranging from the valorization of the territory, to the creation of new services and activities, to product development. The working method consists in activating, from time to time, on the various projects, structured working groups capable of producing contemporary ideas and responses on the issues addressed.

Cibicworkshop constantly collaborates with an international network of universities, research centers and business incubators to develop new project methods.

Comodo is a collective of researchers, thinkers, analysts, designers that produces communication and social innovation. It is a cooperative created with the aim of developing research, consultancy and design paths, dealing equally with contents and tools. It was born in 2003 following a training program in the field of graphics and publishing, started in the Spoleto prison by Marco Tortoioli Ricci, communication designer and professor of project methodology at the ISIA in Urbino.

Today Comodo is aimed at companies and institutions that need to rethink their role, providing them with a laboratory and a close-knit and innovative working group, dedicated to communication design as well as content design; with the coordination of Thomas Bialas, futurologist and Marco Tortoioli Ricci, design director, working today are Alba Beni (coordination), Marina Turci (designer), Laura Bortoloni (designer), Marco Zauli (designer and copy), Matteo Guidi (artist and researcher ), Giuliano Chimenti (designer).

Comodo believes in collective talent, which is why it works with a network structure. Comodo does not have one office, it has many offices; small, flexible operating units where needed. We have chosen not to have structural costs, but to invest in the time and ideas of the people who make up our working group. We activate dedicated working groups on individual projects, coordinated by us but open to broad collaborations.

We deal with territorial identity projects, we develop scenarios and redesign the affirmation strategies with which institutions, companies, products and services propose themselves to society, basing every work process on the involvement of communities and the valorization of experiences.